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Karyn L. Seace, CELA


The area of my chosen practices that I am truly the most passionate about is assisting the elderly. I have helped many clients who are facing the most financially difficult times of their lives to have certainty as they enter their golden years. I am up to speed in the latest techniques and in fact have had other lawyers refer their cases to me. I have had a judge, as well as many attorneys and even a few doctors as my clients.

"It is easy for potential clients to feel comfortable around me and once they become clients, they get to know me quickly because my approach to my practice is not 'transactional,' but rather is 'relationship-based.'" I believe in getting the matter resolved in a fair and expeditious manner and I don't mind going the extra mile if that is what it takes. My philosophy is to work with my clients-not necessarily to work for my clients and it has been very successful.  In order to lower the attorney fees, I ask that my clients do everything that they can do to help themselves and I happily do the rest.

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